ETMAXTER® 3 In 1 Reuse Wallet Stand Card Holder For Any Mobile Phone

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Phone Card Holder Cases 

3 card design

Large space, Multiple cards carry

thickness 4.5mm and weight 30g, it is as thin as a cicada's wings on a mobile phone. With such a thin and light design, it can still store 3 cards, which can effectively protect your property and privacy. It also has the function of isolating RFID theft.

75° upright design

Make your interaction with your phone more natural and comfortable

We use the most scientific perspective of the human body to allow you to make short videos and video calls in a more comfortable way.

One-second switching for 45° horizontal viewing

While switching the landscape mode in one second, it will bring you the most comfortable and healthy posture, which is convenient for your viewing and office work.

Golden triangle structure

ETMAXER's triangular structure design provides the golden ratio to maintain the stability of the mobile phone, which can be compatible with most mobile phones in the market.

Upright handheld design

No matter how big a mobile phone is, it can be easily “mastered with one hand”Upright design with reserved palm space allows you to easily grasp the phone to prevent accidental slipping.

Light and easy

 se to your life practical

ETMAXER take folding design, thin as cicada wings, so that you more convenient to carry around

Repeated use-leave no marks

ETMAXTER uses high-performance removable glue, which is convenient for your replacement. Wipe gently with wet wipes without leaving any traces, and can be used up to 500 times.

Built-in magnetic suction patch
ETMAXTER Built-in magnetic suction patch can be directly applied to the bracket with magnetic suction effect