Lenovo Bluetooth Gaming Earphone

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Get into your game's atmosphere!

With the best audio quality, your favorite game could have, using the newest generation AirGaming Lenovo headphones.

Always stay one step ahead of your opponents with super immersive virtual surround audio that will make your matches even more immersive and supercharged.

Three colors, more choices...

The new Airgaming, in addition to being robust, comes with three unique color options, bringing an even more beautiful design to your headphones and modernity to your gameplay.

Bluebooth 5.0 chip + SBC pairing technology.

Thinking totally about your gameplay, AirGaming® comes with the new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 chip pairing + SBC dual audio decoding, without delay and with an impeccable synchronization of audio and video.

Binaural Control

Also known as Binaural Beats technology, it was developed for the reality gamer where it simulates 3D audios through an acoustic illusion, allowing the recreation of images through sound. 

Dual Decoding

HD calls (high definition and more sensitivity). AirGaming® comes with dual mic combo and "noise cancellation" technology.

TAP to Switch Technology

Air Gaming® also have a pause, forward and back command with just the tap function.